Last compatibility check: 29 March 2013 (MS2 Launcher 4.2.7) (beta testers welcomed)
Thank Ryan (main Mineshafter Squared guy) for Technic support!



Note: with 4.2.11+, the launcher will nolonger start a new proxy console window. You start the proxy from the settings tab
  1. Get the Mineshafter Squared Universal Launcher 4.2.7+ (zip) and the modded Technic launcher and put it in your mineshaftersquared folder
  2. Launch Technic from the mods tab
  3. It will start a console prompt. It will say it's proxying on some port
  4. The GUI will ask you for that port. If you don't enter it right, it won't work
  5. The game will launch! Type "stop" in the command window to stop the proxy only after you're done playing the game

Server Admins

  1. Download one of the Technic mod pack servers
  2. Extract it all to your Mineshafter Squared folder
  3. You can rename the Technic jar (name varies per mod pack), and enter it in the server field in the Launcher