Frequently Asked Questions

I need help!
What are logs/Where are my logs
What are the run scripts?
Does Mineshafter Squared work with _______?
The game freezes/crashes after it's started
I can't log on
I can't connect to a server ("unable to verify user", "null", etc.)
How do I register an account?
Where's my stuff? Saves/mods/textures don't show!
Where is Minecraft/FTB/Technic/Spoutcraft installed?
Can I play with the new snapshots (20 April 2013)?
Skins aren't working
Nothing shows up in my version tab
How do I play older versions
I need help!
  • First, gather information. We can't help without information. We can't assume anything about your problem; we only know what you tell us
  • Gather as much information as possible:
    • your email (or else how would we help you)
    • Mineshafter Squared version
    • as much detail about the error (such as complete steps to reproduce it)
    • debugging info/logs
    • your operating system and the state of your computer
    • how much RAM you have, how much RAM you're using, and how much RAM it's detecting
    • Java version (6 or 7), and whether it's 32 or 64 bit
  • Send us a message on the feedback page
  • You need to have a problem solving attitude and be ready to help yourself too
What are logs/Where are my logs
  • Logs contain useful information such as the last error (most of the time). They are crucial to solving a problem
  • Starting with the Mineshafter Squared Universal Launcher 4.1.12, you can see this debugging info in the "dev console" tab. Make sure to include it (especially the part during an error) if you request for help
  • You can also use the run scripts (see below)
  • Minecraft logs will be in your installation folder (the Universal Launcher lets you download the game into the same "local" folder or into the default location). If you are playing FTB/Technic, include those logs too (I'll let you google where to find them)
What are the run scripts?
When you download the zip, it includes files like ms2-run-[operating system].[sh/bat/command]. When you launch using those files, it opens up a console with debugging info. Double-click them to start (Linux users may also need to do a chmod a+x, or google it)
Does Mineshafter Squared work with _______?
For major mods like Forge or Feed the Beast, just check the page for the latest compatibility check. Otherwise, try it yourself, and let me know how it goes in the feedback tab so I can update it for others. See the beta page for more tips.
The game freezes/crashes after it's started
  • Try allocating more RAM. Mojang recommends using least 2 GB (2048 MB)
  • Also, use the run scripts - again the go-to debugging tool. There will be a relatively obvious error message (something like "could not allocate enough memory on the heap") if it runs out of memory. And again, it's key for us to identify a problem
  • If Minecraft launches succesfully, our launcher has done it's job. Any errors are probably not related to Mineshafter Squared
  • Make sure you upgrade to 64 bit Java. Although FTB/Technic/Spoutcraft don't directly say so, they do chew up a lot more memory and you're better to give 4gb rather than 1
I can't log on
  • You can still vanilla/Forge Minecraft offline. If you have logged into FTB or Technic before, you can also play that offline.
  • The servers may be down. Don't send feedback or emails about this. A lot of people use Mineshafter Squared and Ryan, the main guy, pays for the servers with his own money (ads subsidize the cost a bit). Just be patient
  • Do you have a Minecraft/Mojang account? Log into the website at least once
  • You can register at Make sure you followed the instructions carefully (setting the auth server, using the [MS2] tag, etc.)
I can't connect to a server (unable to verify username, "null", etc.)
  • You can only join Mineshafter Squared servers. Don't complain that you can't join premium servers. They're premium for a reason, and we can't and won't change that
  • Did you log in with the universal launcher?
  • Sometimes something goes wrong. Stop Minecraft and the launcher, and try again
How do I register an account?
Check out
Where's my stuff? Saves/mods/textures don't show!
  • Minecraft normally installs in your application data folder (see a typical tutorial). This means you can only have one installation at a time, and you can't play Minecraft from say a USB.
  • The Universal Launcher lets you download/install and play the game "locally". This means the game is installed in the same folder as the Mineshafter Squared folder. By default, this is turned on (the "local" and "default mc" buttons in the index tab of the launcher), although you can set it to look for Minecraft in the regular location. This has many implications:
  • You can have multiple installations. When you copy paste a Minecraft/Mineshafter Squared folder, it's a different Minecraft!
  • Saves are independent to that folder. If you create a new local Minecraft installation, you need to copy your saves over (or keep them separate)
  • When you install mods and textures, make sure you are installing to the proper location. Virtually all tutorials tell you to look for Minecraft in the regular location (you'll probably see something like appdata or application support). If you enabled the "local" setting, apply the changes to the local installation instead
  • This functionality is like MultiMC. MultiMC is easier to use, but it's not as powerful. Read more
Where is Minecraft/FTB/Technic/Spoutcraft installed?
  • Minecraft is by default installed in your application data folder. This is %appdata% or C:/Users/[you]/AppData/Roaming/ for Windows, ~/Library/Application Support/ for Mac, and ~/ (home folder) for Linux
  • The mod platforms (FTB, Technic, Spoutcraft) have their own launcher and own installation locations
  • FTB and Technic currently let you pick the install location. Spoutcraft installs to your application data folder (same as regular Minecraft)
  • However, they all create folders in your application data folder (usually prefixed with a period, except FTB)
  • Say you wanted to reinstall Technic, you would have to delete the folder specified in the Technic launcher, and the folder in your application data folder
Can I play with the new snapshots (20 April 2013)?
  • No
  • Mojang's changing their authentication system again, as well as the launcher, which downloads/uses updated libraries. We're looking into it, but are quite busy ourselves (both Ryan and I barely play Minecraft even though we've bought it with our own money). We're aiming to keep up with the official 1.6 release
  • If you like it so much, just buy Minecraft. Read our post for more information. Mojang's a great company and got a great team. You should buy it. And hopefully drop us a line :)
Skins don't work
  • You can only see skins if the other person is on Mineshafter Squared, and using the Mineshafter Squared launcher
  • Premium users can log on the main website and upload them there
  • For new [MS2] users, everyone must be on the alpha auth server (
  • These are technical limitations. We will remove the need for the two auth servers in the future
  • Skins aren't supported in the 4.3.0-beta
Nothing shows up in my versions tab
  • Hit refresh in the bottom locals-toolbar
How do I play older versions?
  • Use the 4.2 launcher. I'm looking into supporting older versions in the new launcher, but we should be looking forward